Woodstove and Pellet Burner Installations

Specialist Wood-burning Stove , Cuisiniere and Pellet Burner Installer.

We install all types of Wood-burning Stoves , Cuisinieres and Pellet Burners whether you have an existing chimney or not . We have experience in installing Invicta, Godin, Stovax, Hunter, Jotul, Supra and many other marks .  

We only us EU/NF marked Flex flue systems and accessories for existing Chimneys and 

Selkirk/Seldek Double Insulated Flue systems where you do not have an existing chimney . With the Selkirk and Seldek systems we can install a wood-stove almost anywhere in your property . We can advise you on what is required .

Please be advised:
It is the Homeowners responsibility to maintain your heating systems and chimneys to a usable and safe standard of condition.

Smoke detectors are obligatory in all French Houses and carbon Monoxide Detectors recommended