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Chimney Sweeping

 Caring for your chimney


We offer a fully registered and insured Chimney Sweeping service. We leave  your chimney and home clean. On completion of the work we issue you with a Chimney Safety Certificate which is valid for insurance purposes.

We are able to carry out internal surveys and investigations into flue/chimney systems with CCTV . We can check flues for damage to brickwork and stonework , blockages from nests etc.

Blocked flue systems can cause serious damage to properties and possible carbon monoxide poisoning .

Please be advised:

It is the Homeowners responsibility to maintain your chimneys to a usable and safe standard of condition.

All chimneys need brush sweeping

Frequency : Coal and Wood - twice annually 
                     Oil and smokless fuel - annually 

We cannot be responsible for loose Brickwork,Stonework,Cowls , etc.