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Wood burning stoves

Installing your stove


Specialist Woodburning Stove and Cuisiniere Installer.

We install all types of Woodburning Stoves and Cuisinieres whether you have an existing chimney or not.We will install privately purchased woodstoves or those purchased via our suppliers.

We only us EU marked Flex flue systems and accessories for existing Chimneys and Selkirk Double Insulated Flue systems where you do not have an existing chimney . With the Selkirk systems we can install a woodstove almost anywhere in your property .

Our French Woodstove supplier has a large range of Woodstoves , Cuisineres and other accessories available to view at his studio, online or upon consultation.  

We are able to carry out internal surveys and investigations into flue/chimney systems with CCTV.We can check flue systems for damaged brickwork , stonework and blockages from nests etc.

Blocked flue systems can cause serious damage to properties and also restrict the release of poisonous gases including carbon monoxide .

Please be advised:

It is the Homeowners responsibility to maintain your woodstoves and chimneys to a usable and safe standard of condition.

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